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BJC Driver for GhostScript

The driver differs from the bjc600/bjc800 driver (first, it is not part of colour deskjets 'gdevcdj.c' ). It has  extra capabilities, for example:

The description is divided into four parts. The first is a Howto (I.) , the second is a guide to Installation of the patch (II.) , the third is a long description of the Source code (III.) , the fourth part is a TODO (IV.) , the fifth is about the cartridge refilling (IV.) .

Before anything, the latest files (v0.75):

I. How to Use the driver

1. The driver includes four devices:
  1. bjcmono driver for monochrom printing (black, or simple colours), GhostScript default dithering, NO gamma correction, NO paper colour correction,
  2. bjcgray driver for grayscale printing (black, or simple colours), Floyd-Steinberg dithering, gamma correction, paper 'colour' correction
  3. bjccmyk driver for colour printing, GhostScript default dithering, NO gamma correction, NO paper colour correction,
  4. bjccolor driver for colour printing, Floyd-Steinberg dithering, gamma correction (grey or RGB), paper colour correction
  5. I want to make a fifth device ('bjcphoto' ), but it is a bit difficult (for me) to understand the photo cartridge (BC-06) 'programming' from some printing from Windows driver to file. If you have some good ideas, please write it to me ( Gergely Szász ).
2. The command line arguments: These parameters are all string parameters, so you can define them with the '-sPPPPPPP=xxxxxx' form, for example: So, these five options are bool. You could define them as follows: You know, the -dPPPPPPP is equal with -dPPPPPPP=true!!
  3. Some examples:
gs -sDEVICE=bjcgray -dPaperRed=200 -dGamma=1.4 ... it means the following: we use a bright cyan paper (RGB: 200,255,255), and we want to print a bit 'lighter' than the original image

gs -sDEVICE=bjccolor -dGamma=0.7 ... is the same as
gs -sDEVICE=bjccolor -dRedGamma=0.7-dGreenGamma=0.7 -dBlueGamma=0.7 ... and the same as
gs -sDEVICE=bjccolor -dGamma=0.7-dRedGamma=0.1-dGreenGamma=1.7 -dBlueGamma=9.7 ... because the -dGamma is set
so these three examples mean the following: we want to print a bit darker than the original image

gs -sDEVICE=bjccolor -dRedGamma=0.7 ... , we want to weaken the red component of the image

gs -sDEVICE=bjcgray -sInkColor=M -dCompress=false ... , we print the image in Magenta without the raster line compression

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II. Installing the patch

1. Download the patch (and the ghostscript source code )
(2. Uncompress the ghostscript source in e.g /usr/src/)
3. Uncompress the patch in the same directory e.g. /usr/src/ :
    gzip -d gs6.50-bjc250-v0.75.patch.gz
3. Patch the patch:
      patch -p0 <gs6.50-bjc250-v0.75.patch
4. Compile and install ghostscript

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    III. About the source code

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  1. A 'photo' device which is able to print with BC-06 photo cartridge.


V. The refilling of the Canon ink cartridges

At first, I would like to mention that it will only be abaut the BC-02, BC-05 and BC-06 type of Canon ink cartridges, but perhaps it can be applied for the other types (BC-20 ...). Why not?? :-)
Perhaps the only important criteria is that it has to be water based.



    If you have any ideas, suggestions, or problems please write them to me .

    .PS  images 'made' by GIMP-1.2.1
    .PS sorry for my english